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Physical Parameters

The overall objectives of the EMODnet Physical Parameters (EMODNet) is to provide access to archived and near real-time data on physical conditions in Europe’s seas and oceans by means of a dedicated Pilot Portal and to determine how well the data meet the needs of users from industry, public authorities and scientists. The latter implicates that it is also an objective to identify data gaps and arguments why these gaps should be filled in future monitoring. This project will contribute towards the definition of an operational European Marine Observation and Data Network (EMODnet) and to developing the definition of the Global Monitoring for Environment and Security (GMES) marine core service. This should be done by:

1. providing through a portal:

a. access to marine data from measurement stations and ferryboxes. Both near  real-time and archived data of time series are to be made available.

b. metadata for these data sets using EMODnet/INSPIRE standards.

c. metadata maps and overviews for whole sea-basins showing the availability of  data and monitoring intensity of that basin.

2. monitoring and reporting on the effectiveness of the portal in meeting the needs of  users in terms of ease of use, quality of information and fitness for purpose of the  products delivered.

3. Analysing what lessons have been learned for a future operational EMODnet.

4. keeping the portal operational afterwards  EMODnet, as an open data system, is also considered as a significant observation  and monitoring data conduit for the part of the Water Information System for Europe  (WISE) that will be developed for dealing with marine information (WISE-Marine) and  supporting the data and indicator needs for the initial assessments required by Member States in 2012 by the Marine Strategy Framework Directive. WISE and WISE Marine are thematic branches of the envisaged Shared  Environmental Information  System (SEIS) based on INSPIRE principles. EMODnet data should be directly available for viewing through WISE-Marine. 

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Data available

  • Sea water temperature
  • Sea water salinity or density
  • Sea water currents
  • Sea level
  • Waves and winds (speed & direction)
  • Water clarity (light attenuation)
  • Atmospheric parameters at sea level
  • Underwater noise
  • River data

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