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The overall objectives of this Lot are to fill in the gaps of the EU’s low-resolution bathymetry map and to assemble a complete inventory of high resolution seabed mapping data held by public and private bodies. The Bathymetry portal was developed by adopting SeaDataNet standards and services.

Data Sources & Methodology

This EMODNet Bathymetry joint tender has been prepared and submitted by members of the SeaDataNet consortium together with other organisations from marine science, the hydrographic survey community, and industry. The partners combine expertise and experiences of collecting, processing, and managing of bathymetric data together with expertise in distributed data infrastructure development and operation and providing of discovery, access and viewing services following INSPIRE implementation rules and international standards (ISO, OGC).

For the purpose of collecting hydrographic data sets, such as multibeam surveys from scientific cruises, several types of hydrographic data providers were engaged:

Data Products and Services

The EMODNet Hydrography website provides various services and functionalities to users for viewing and downloading the hydrographic data products and for identifying and requesting access to the survey data sets that were used as basis input for the new digital bathymetry. The Hydrography data products viewing service also facilitates users to download the new digital bathymetry DTM as pre-processed files, that cover specific geographic tiles, and without any registration.

Technical Infrastructure

The present EMODNet Bathymetry portal provides various services and functionalities to users for browsing and viewing the bathymetric data products and for identifying and requesting access to the underlying bathymetric data sets for the European waters. The primary services are:

  • CDI Data Discovery and Access Service giving facilities for searching and retrieving bathymetric data sets;
  • Hydrography data products viewing service giving facilities for viewing, browsing and downloading the EMODNet digital bathymetry.

Improvements for Phase II

  • higher resolution digital terrain model (⅛ rather than ¼ of a degree)
  • fuller coverage (now includes Baltic, Black Sea and Norwegian Sea)

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Leading Partner

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Data Available


  Phase I  €975 000  
  Phase II €2 000 000  

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