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Central Portal News Overview

New Report on EMODnet Stakeholder Conference and Sea-basin workshops

Friday, 5 May, 2017

The report from  EMODnet Stakeholder Conference & Sea-basin Workshops Report is now available for download.  At the following link, you can also find all presentations, interviews and photographs from  the event. http://www.emodnet.eu/checkpoints/stakeholder-conference-2017

EMODnet partners meet to identify data sets for ingestion and safe-keeping

Monday, 1 May, 2017

What are the most interesting and relevant data sets for ingestion and safe-keeping? This was the focus of the recent  EMODnet Data Ingestion partner meeting in Limassol, Cyprus.

Do you want to get an overall picture about EMODnet? Download now the infographic

Thursday, 4 May, 2017

The "EMODnet in a nutshell" infographic provides a general overview of the European Marine Observation and Data Network (EMODnet).

This describes:

  • the EMODnet mission
  • the five EMODnet strands
  • the EMODnet timeline
  • the EMODnet benefits

EMODnet is part of the agenda of the North Sea Countries energy cooperation plan

Tuesday, 2 May, 2017
Last June, North Sea countries agreed to further strengthen their energy cooperation by signing a joint political declaration and action plan. EMODnet will play a key role in this process. The scope of the plan is the eventual development of offshore wind energy which will ensure a sustainable, secure and affordable energy supply to the region.

How can we improve the re-use and sharing of marine data by businesses?

Monday, 1 April, 2017

For some time, the private sector has been name checked by marine observatories and public data-sharing initiatives as a target-user of their resources and/or as a potential source of data, with little concomitant targeted development by these initiatives to facilitate this.

As EMODnet moves into Phase III of its development and focuses more on user uptake to achieve the objectives of the Marine Knowledge 2020 Strategy, a more pro-active approach is required to effectively engage...

Involving industry in marine data initiatives: EMODnet & Columbus workshop at EMD2017

Thursday, 4 April, 2017

"The Future of our Seas" is the hot topic this year at the European Maritime Day (EMD) conference. Taking place in Poole, United Kingdom, on 18-19 May 2017, the conference will offer a platform for Europe’s community of maritime professionals to come together, exchange knowledge and forge the partnerships needed for joint actions in order to boost the Blue Growth sector.

New-look EMODnet Bathymetry Portal

Tuesday, 2 March, 2017

EMODnet Bathymetry kicks-off Phase III with a new look, user-friendly portal providing access to its harmonised Digital Terrain Model (DTM) for the European sea regions. This DTM is generated by the EMODnet Bathymetry partnership on the basis of an increasing number of bathymetric data sets. These are managed as survey data sets and composite DTMs by...

PLOCAN Seasonal Glider Mission

Monday, 1 March, 2017

Find out how PLOCAN are contributing to the European glider framework and to EMODnet Physics

EMODnet Associated Partner, PLOCAN...

EU China Blue Year sees strong collaboration with EMODnet

Thursday, 4 March, 2017

In the context of the EU China Blue Year, last week  EMODnet welcomed the EU-Chinese delegation to Bruges.

A spotlight on the EMODnet bathymetry portal: innovations and results

Wednesday, 3 March, 2017

Bathymetric data, in essence information about the water depth and underwater topography of oceans and seas, is important in many aspects of marine research, administration and spatial planning as well as for management of marine and coastal environments and their resources. In coastal areas societal needs are at the forefront: safety of vessel navigation is the most prioritized rationale for bathymetric mapping close to the...