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Join us on February14-15 to discuss stress-testing of European marine data

Join EMODnet stakeholders, to discuss the availability and appropriateness of marine data to address end-user challenges at the regional sea-basin level. The conference will shed light on how well the current European marine monitoring systems and data collection frameworks provide data to meet the needs of users. A series of Sea-basin Workshops provides an exciting opportunity to showcase the work of the EMODnet Checkpoints and to interact...

EMODnet Welcomes New Associated Partners

EMODnet is delighted to welcome three new associated partners to its network: The Oceanic Platform of the Canary Islands (PLOCAN) in Spain, the Coastal Research and Engineering Services (CORES) in Bulgaria, and Dredging, Environmental & Marine Engineering (DEME) in Belgium.  The EMODnet 'Associated Partner' category was established to respond to...

Are the marine data collected in the Arctic and the Baltic fit for purpose?

Two new draft adequacy reports are available from the Baltic Sea Checkpoint and the Arctic Checkpoints.

The reports can be downloaded from the maritime forum at the links below. For more information on the EMODnet Sea Basin Checkpoints see here.