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Map of the week - Maritime Museums

The European Atlas of the Seas displays the location of 36 outstanding maritime museums, including ‘Galata Museo del Mare’ in Genoa, the largest maritime museum of the Mediterranean.

European maritime museums offer unique experiences to discover our maritime history. For instance, in the Estonian Maritime Museum, visitors can contemplate the ‘Lembit Submarine’, the oldest submarine still afloat in the world and now transformed as a museum ship in Tallinn.

In Denmark alone there are five maritime museums. The Danish trade with China and India, model ships, paintings, photographs and related artefacts illustrating the Napoleonic Wars are just few of the outstanding collections visitors can find in this Nordic country.

Maritime museums ensure that ancient and historical artefacts, and vessels are preserved in optimum conditions, and are accessible for general interest, for academic study and for public education.


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The data displayed in this map are hosted by European Maritime Heritage:


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