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ATLAS community page

This EU ATLAS community page is being developed as a central platform for ATLAS partners, and the wider Atlantic stakeholders, to provide an overview of the data, products and other information resources (e.g. links to OpenAire for ATLAS research outputs). It will also include a direct link to a dedicated online GIS platform where ATLAS data layers can be found and visualised. 

Ultimately, relevant ATLAS research data will be made available via EMODnet using the interoperability protocols specified by the different EMODnet thematic portals. This will also include links to the original data, available through open source data repositories such as Pangaea and EMODnet.

This platform is a contribution to the wider and longer-term aims of ATLAS to actively contribute to Open Research and Open Data through implementing innovative open science practices. 

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Coming soon! GIS platform with ATLAS data visualisation.


This community page is enabled by EMODnet Central Portal and the EMODnet Secretariat (administered by Seascape Belgium), with collaboration across ATLAS project partners including University of Edinburgh, UK; British Geological Survey (BGS), UK; University of Hamburg, Germany (Pangaea data repository) and others.

We acknowledge the financial contribution from the European Union for EMODnet (EC, DG MARE) and the H2020 ATLAS project (EC, DG RTD).

9th FerryBox Workshop

EMODnet Physics co-organises the 9th Ferrybox Workshop in Spring 2019.
24 Apr 2019 to 26 Apr 2019