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Since September 2013, the European Marine Observation and Data Network (EMODnet) is supported by a dedicated Secretariat funded by the European Commission (tender MARE/2012/15). The Secretariat provides high-level coordination and technical support to guide the development of a central EMODnet Portal, monitor the various EMODnet projects and disseminate their results. The main aim is to develop a more coherent, effective, efficient and fit for purpose EMODnet, and to stimulate its use by industry, policy and scientific data users. 

The Secretariat is administered by Seascape Consultants Ltd (www.seascapeconsultants.co.uk) and hosted at the InnovOcean site in Oostende with the support from the Flemish Government. The EMODnet Secretariat team consists of Jan-Bart Calewaert (overall coordination and communication), Belén Martín Míguez (Project Officer), Oonagh McMeel (Knowledge Transfer Officer), Phil Weaver (Chair of the EMODnet Steering Committee) and Vikki Gunn (Dissemination and outreach support).

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