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Map of the week - Community structural aid

This week the European elections take place. Therefore, in this map of the week, we are highlighting one of the European Commissions’ initiatives to improve the lives of EU citizens and the marine environment. The European Fisheries Fund (EFF; 2007-2013) and its successor, the European Maritime and Fisheries Fund (EMFF; 2014-2020), have supported the European fisheries sector to transition to ecologically sustainable fishing and aquaculture practices, create jobs and diversify the economies in coastal communities.

On the European Atlas of the Seas’ community structural aid map you can see how the EFF budget of €4.3 billion was distributed over the EU member states and over the 5 different priorities (axes):

AXE1: Adjustments and improvements to the fishing fleet.

AXE2: Development of environmentally friendly aquaculture and inland fishing, diversification of aquaculture species as well as processing and marketing of fisheries and aquaculture products.

AXE3: Measures of common interest like the protection of aquatic fauna and flora, the development of ports, improving fishing products traceability, etc.

AXE4: Sustainable development of fisheries areas and communities (e.g. adding value to fisheries products, development of tourism infrastructure, environmental protection) in order to reduce their economic dependency on fish catches.

AXE5: Technical assistance in the form of studies, reports and actions to assist the implementation of operational programs.

The Commission has proposed a new fund of €6.14 billion for the period 2021-2027 to invest further in the European fisheries and maritime economy and the sustainable use of our oceans. Help shape Europe’s future and initiatives like this one by voting in the European elections this week!

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Data displayed in this map were provided by the European Commission

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