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Map of the week – EMD in my country 2019

The European Maritime Day (EMD) is an annual celebration created on 20 May 2008 “to raise the visibility of maritime sectors and support an integrated approach to maritime affairs”[1]. This innovating conference connects policy makers, scientists, industry and society through high-level plenary and thematic sessions, workshops and an exhibition area.

This year’s EMD2019 is in Lisbon, happening now! In parallel of this big conference, a series of local EMD-related events are organised across Europe. This enables the many European regions with a maritime culture to join in the celebrations and highlight the vital role of the seas and oceans for the local societies.

Our “Map of the week” is a special one prepared especially for this edition of the European Maritime Day! It offers an overview of the 150 EMD local events organised between April and July 2019 in 21 different countries (15 EU and 5 non-EU) including beach-cleaning activities, guided tours of ports, exhibitions on maritime themes, eco-tours in areas with significant maritime heritage, excursions by boat, etc. Many organisers also use their events to demonstrate the European Atlas of the Seas to students and pupils across the EU!

To make this map even more unique, we have hidden something special in it! Join the celebrations, explore the map and try to solve the EMD in my country challenge!


Data displayed in this map were provided by the European Commission



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