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Welcome to the new EMODnet Data Ingestion portal

Turn your data into a valuable asset for the marine and maritime community

Knowledge is all about data. Therefore, we need more data, more data, and … more data.

Since 2009, this has been the main driver of EMODnet. EMODnet collects data to make data, metadata and data products on European coastal and ocean waters available to help governments, industry and policy makers to make informed decisions.

To further speed up this data collection process, a new EMODnet service has been developed: the EMODnet Data Ingestion portal.

Launched this week, the portal will become the reference point for all those European marine data holders that currently are not submitting datasets to national or regional data centres on a regular basis, or that are not used to practices and standards as used by the international marine data management community. EMODnet is interested in all kinds of data and observations covering among others bathymetry, geology, physics, chemistry, biology and even human activities data.

The submitted datasets will be further elaborated and published 'as is' in the EMODnet Ingestion portal for free download by any user. Moreover, in a second stage, the submitted data will be curated by expert data centres for uptake of (subsets) of the data into national data centres and, from there, also made available for European infrastructures, such as the SeaDataNetEurOBIS and EMODnet thematic portals.

The Ingestion portal is clearly a unique opportunity for new potential data providers.

Are you willing to share your data but you don’t have time and resources to spend for the submission?

Everybody loves open access and everybody understands the added value. But it is also true that no one wants to spend time and resources to make its data available for others with no clear immediate return. At EMODnet we clearly understand this, and this is why when we designed the portal we did it with one thing in mind: the data submission process needs to be easy and quick.

On the ingestion portal a completely free-of-charge Help Desk service is available.

If you are not familiar with the practices and standards used by the international marine data management community, contact the Help Desk and they will help make your data submission smooth.

The Help Desk is your way to acquire more skills and knowledge on the international marine data management practices and policies.

What else to say? Start using the portal and become an essential part of the growing EMODnet community. Your data aggregated with data from others can make the difference. When you submit data it also assures your data is made available in a way compliant to the INSPIRE Directive.

If you want more information about what EMODnet can do for you and what you can do for EMODnet join us next week at the EMODnet Stakeholder Conference.



14th EMODnet Steering Committee meeting

This is an online meeting restricted to members of the EMODnet Steering Committee. Members of the EMODnet Technical Working Group (TWG) and the EC Marine Knowledge Expert Group (MKEG) will join for the morning session.
19 Apr 2021

9th EMODnet Technical Working Group meeting

These are online meetings restricted to members of the EMODnet Technical Working Group (TWG).These meetings will take place back to back with the 14th EMODnet Steering Committee meeting taking place on Monday 19 April 2021.
20 Apr 2021 to 21 Apr 2021

3rd International Ocean Governance Forum

The European Commission, in association with the European External Action Service (EEAS), invites ocean stakeholders worldwide to the presentation of the final recommendations for ocean sustainability action by the EU's International Ocean Governance (IOG) Forum.

More information about the event can be found here


20 Apr 2021