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Save the date - Marine data to support aquaculture in the North Atlantic

20 Oct 2020 to 21 Oct 2020

The workshop “Marine data to support aquaculture in the North Atlantic”, jointly organised by EATiP, DG MARE, DG DEFIS, Copernicus Marine and EMODnet, will be held on October 20 and 21 (both days from 10 to 13 CET) as a virtual and highly interactive event, using tools for on-line discussions and co-creation.

The main objectives of the workshop are:

  1. To allow the aquaculture community to share experiences and highlight marine data issues it is facing when managing aquaculture farms in the North Atlantic, and its needs in terms of marine data (such as satellite data originating from the sentinels for example, in situ data or ocean model data).
  2. To define the structure of a platform to better manage and operate aquaculture applications using data tools and indicators derived from marine data. The platform is envisaged to combine marine data, services and tools derived from the EMODnet and Copernicus Marine portfolios, but also marine data from national institutes who have developed high-resolution coastal models and/or in situ data networks.
  3. To define the structure of a platform that support the in situ marine data ingestion process and allow collecting and ingesting the privately owned in situ data and redistributing it into the Copernicus Marine Service and EMODnet portfolios.


The participants will be a mix of experienced Copernicus / EMODnet users, data providers, coastal managers and aquaculture data end users. Participation is on invitation only.




IMDIS 2020 [Postponed]

The IMDIS 2020 conference will be held at the cultural centre Pakhuis De Zwijger in Amsterdam (Netherlands)  from Monday 26 October to Wednesday 28 October 2020. It will be organized by NIOZ (Royal Netherlands Institute for Sea Research), jointly with IFREMER, OGS, IOC/IODE, in the frame of SeaDataCloud project (EU H2020 - Grant Agreement 730960).

26 Oct 2020 to 28 Oct 2020
Amsterdam (Netherlands)

The 10th Ferrybox workshop - Save the date!

The 10th Ferrybox workshop will take place in Gothenburg, Sweden on 10-12 November 2020 hosted by SMHI.

More information on the programme and the registration will be available on

10 Nov 2020 to 12 Nov 2020
Gothenburg, Sweden

Save the date - AlgaEurope goes online!

The AlgaEurope conference 2020 will be transformed to an online event due to the current developments around the Coronavirus. The deadline for the submitting the abstracts is extended until 27 September.

01 Dec 2020 to 03 Dec 2020