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Invitation to a Webinar - Introducing a new Marine Arctic Data Portal powered by EMODnet Physics

Climate change presents a major and growing challenge to the Arctic region, producing risks as well as opportunities. Access to accurate data and information has therefore never been more important to better understand critical physical and biological processes.

Recent surveys performed by the Copernicus In Situ Coordination Group and the INTAROS project have revealed irregular and poor spatial coverage in observing system platforms in the Arctic region– especially for central Arctic. Existing observations are of uneven quality and made available on different timescale. Furthermore, a major part of the marine observations are funded via fixed-term research projects with limited capacity for data management.

In this context, EMODnet (Physics, Data Ingestion), CMEMS INSTAC, Copernicus In Situ Coordination Group and EuroGOOS have taken the initiative to establish a dedicated Marine Arctic Data Portal with the purpose to:

  • Provide marine Arctic in-situ data easily accessible and freely available for any users
  • Support European data integrator infrastructures (CMEMS, EMODnet and SDN) with relevant data
  • Unlock existing data from a variety of projects not yet freely and openly exchanged
  • Show the current extend of observing system platforms in the Arctic region

EMODnet Physics has developed a prototype data portal with advanced data services providing straightforward access to centrally-curated circumpolar datasets and metadata records. The portal is composed of a map interface displaying the spatial distribution of observing platforms and plotting tools for datasets. The prototype is similar to the portal SOOS-map set up for the Southern Ocean elaborated by EMODnet Physics and the Southern Ocean Observing System (SOOS) initiative to improve access to key Southern Ocean datasets

The Marine Arctic Data Portal will be presented to interested stakeholders during a Webinar on 27 November 2020 at 13.00 CET.


  • 13.00 Welcome, Erik Buch (EuroGOOS)
  • 13.10 Portal structure and functionality, Antonio Novellino (ETT/EMODnet Physics)
  • 13.25 Data ingestion, Patrick Gorringe (SMHI/EMODnet (Physics, Data Ingestion)
  • 13.40 CMEMS INSTAC, Sylvie Pouliquen (IFREMER/INSTAC) / Arnfinn Morvik (IMR) 
  • 13:55 SOOS experience, Pip Bricher (SOOS)
  • 14.10 Questions and discussion
  • 14.30 End of webinar

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