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Workshop Sessions

Expert-led workshops will be available to all participants throughout the bootcamp, for free! These come-and-go workshops are an incredible opportunity to take advantage of the expertise available, to build on current skills or develop completely new ones, and to meet new people with your professional interests!

There is no obligation to attend these workshops, so if you have a clear idea and just want to get your hands dirty, go ahead: work spaces will be available throughout the event. Additionally, there will be continuous technical support and coaching.



Ideation Solution Design User Story Mapping Machine Learning Data visualisation The Innovatrix Framework User Testing How To Pitch Cloud 101 - Why, and what to do with it? 5 reasons for cloud scaling MSP Challenge Simulation Platform



We start from concrete challenge and dig-deeper on the 'How might we questions', through creative techniques we support the teams to arrive at an original idea to use as a main product outcome throughout the hackathon.

Coaches: Wout DuthooJoris Finck & Aron-Levi Herregodts (imec)

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Solution Design

A proof-tested methodology is used to combine individual ideas and group discussions to arrive at a vision for your potential solution. This solution can then be broken-up and used as a basis for development of your innovative product.

Coaches: Wout DuthooJoris Finck & Aron-Levi Herregodts (imec)


User Story Mapping

The relevance of this workshop is twofold 1) it helps to map the bigger picture of your innovative solution & 2) it helps to select focus points to start development. The result of this user story map can be used even after the hackathon to guide potential developments.

Coach: Kaatje Boury (imec)


Machine Learning

Hands-on practical tips, best practices & case example(s) on the use of machine learning to improve the innovativeness of your product.

Coach: Michael Rademaker (imec)


Data Visualisation

Hands-on practical tips, best practices & case example(s) on the art of data visualization.

Coach: Michael Rademaker (imec)


The Innovatrix Framework

An encompassing business framework to map critical assumptions on your innovation idea, assess business, technology & end-user components & decide for focal activities.

Coaches: Joris Finck & Aron-Levi Herregodts (imec)

Visual of the Innovatrix method during OSL I by



User Testing Workshop

Learn the ins and outs of iteratively testing your prototype through different user testing methods. Apply this immediately on your product idea.

Coach: Annabel Georges (imec)


How to Pitch

Hands-on workshop to learn the tips and tricks on presenting an elevator pitch. Peer-to-peer coaching to improve communication & delivery.

Coach: Joris Finck (imec)


Visual of the how to pitch workshop (right-hand side) during OSL I by


Cloud 101 - Why, and what to do with it?

Discover different technological use cases of workloads in the Cloud, and how to operate them easily.

Coach: Rémy Vandepoel (OVH)


5 reasons why you should process your data at scale using European based cloud services, reason 4 will take your breath away

This workshop will provide a walk through the different options for storing data and various tools for processing data: from building your own Distributed File System or using a managed Spark cluster up to a one click data value extraction with Automatic Machine Learning. During the workshop, participants and experts from OVH will explore some of the main advantages of processing data at scale using OVH services as example. This workshops will among others illustrate how to efficiently process data while allowing users to keep control over their data governance and costs.

Coach: Pierre Gronlier (OVH)


MSP Challenge Simulation Platform

The MSP Challenge digital interactive simulation platform is the next generation of maritime spatial planning. It helps planners and stakeholders understand and manage the complexity of maritime spatial planning and uses the best available data in Europe. In this workshop the creators will introduce the game and provide a demonstration of how it works. Interested participants will have the opportunity to ‘play’ the game themselves after this demo workshop.

More info on the MSP Challenge here


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