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Zebrastraat is a bustling place. You can live there, experience culture and organise events.


Ghent is a historic city with a bustling cultural scene. The Zebrastraat is one of the recent and most successful cultural experiments combining architectural heritage with art and exhibitions. Designed by 'City Architect' Charles Van Rysselberghe, the iconic early 20th century worker dwellings were saved from the demolition hammer and turned into a cross-fertilisation space in 2005. Around the oval courtyard the housing function was retained but, at the street side, 5 conference rooms, a multipurpose lounge and 750 m² of exhibition space were added. The original facades, an accomplishment from designer Marnix Verstraeten, were preserved. Ten years later, the ambitious expansion project 'New Zebra' added a spectacular convex façade, with even more rooms and facilities for events.


For the OpenSeaLab 2019, the requirements are high: we need an uplifting venue with enough space and rooms to have inspirational plenary talks, hands-on workshops, brainstorm sessions and working stations. And of course places to relax and get some drinks. All of this within the city centre of Ghent.

Do you think Zebrastraat meets our criteria? Apply now and check yourself!  Don't forget to bring along your swimsuit for a dive in the oval pool!



An inspiring venue for inspirational plenary talks, hands-on workshops, brainstorm sessions, working stations and an occasional moment of relaxing



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