Udari Ayeshya Herath Mudiyanselage | EMODnet OPEN SEA LAB

I am a postgraduate of international masters of marine biological resources (IMBRSEa).

It was a great pleasure to hear about the marine open data hackathon, which is organized by EMODnet. I am interested in participating in this event because of my higher enthusiastic about Marine science. During my masters, I studied at Gent University and Sorbonne university under the Future oceans study track. As a master student of IMBRSea, I could obtain professional experience at CCMAR in Portugal and Tjarno marine station, Sweden. I pursue my bachelors in Fisheries and Marine Science with Oceanography as the specialization track. Currently, I am doing an internship with the phycology research group at Gent University. Therefore, my academic background on marine biology makes me an excellent participant for the event. Nevertheless, it is my great pleasure to meet the people who are engaged in the field of marine science, and I am pleased to share my knowledge with them. Also, this is an excellent opportunity for me to enhance my knowledge on different and upcoming fields of marine science, which will be beneficial for my future career as a marine scientist. I determined to participate actively and effectively for this event for the sake of the future improvement of world oceans.

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