Noirin Burke | EMODnet OPEN SEA LAB

Co-Secretariat of the Irish Ocean Literacy Network. Director of Education at the National Aquarium of Ireland.

I would like to contribute to the process by sharing my experience and knowledge. I have worked in the area of ocean literacy for over 10 years , while also having experience of carrying out scientific research on Herring stocks around Ireland. I have also worked with with multiple stakeholders from the public on family days out to members of the scientific community, government departments , NGO’s and policy makers. As part of my work at the National Aquariums of Ireland and with the Irish Ocean Literacy Network I would like to gain the experience and knowledge that taking part in the workshop would bring. I could then share this with my colleagues and other ocean advocates on a local basis. I love the idea of bringing a range of people with different skill sets and areas of expertises together around the themes of ocean literacy and our marine environments and would be honoured to take part in this event.

Physical oceanographyBiologyAquacultureEnergyMarketingCommunicationMarine Environmental Management & ProtectionOcean Literacy and Blue SocietyEducation , public engagement, climate communication, evaluation, behaviour change

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