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Noémie Wouters is proud Alumni of Ghent University where she graduated in marine biology in 2006. In 2015, she obtained her PhD on the effectiveness of marine resilience assessment tools from the University of Lisbon. She was co-supervised by a Brussels-based biomimicry consulting company. In her research, she developed a cooperation-network in the US, Australia, UK, Portugal, Spain. As a science officer in European Marine Board she gained experience in policy making. Her focus was marine training and she co-edited the conference proceedings of Eurocean 2014.

She currently has the CEO responsibility of GreenBridge, a blue growth incubator at its Ostend campus. GreenBridge has the ambition to become entirely focused on marine and maritime services for start-ups and tech-companies. On behalf of the University of Ghent, Noémie and her team are knowledge brokers for marine and maritime stakeholders. Indeed, she co-represents Marine@UGent, a consortium of Ghent University joining over 400 Blue Growth researchers.

Her network reaches also into the maritime industry through business developers including Renewable Blue Energy Port of Ostend.  Last but not least she is addicted to water sports including kite, wind, surf and sailing. She is inspired by the freedom and the humbleness the ocean teaches her. In short Blue Growth is her passion.


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