Kanwal Shahzadi | EMODnet OPEN SEA LAB

I am a second year PhD student at university of Bologna. My research focus is to estimate Global Ocean Climatology using World Ocean Database

Observations especially historical dataset is one of big source to learn about the physical and dynamical processes occurring in the ocean. To extract this information it is mandatory to know about the process involved to collect this data and its quality because of the uncertainties involved in it. My PhD research focuses to estimate a mean field using historical oceanographic dataset such as World Ocean database for global ocean. The work is to extract the information of mean field of temperature, salinity, oxygen, phosphate and other nutrients and utilise this information to enhance our understandings of ocean. I believe participating in this open sea lab hackathon will provide me a good platform to know about other marine data and the best practices used while constructing these databases. Moreover, it will give me a chance to meet people from other areas like biologists, marine developers, software developers and data scientists and share ideas about ocean science from different angels.

Physical oceanographyPythonROther programming languagesSustainable Blue EconomyMarine Environmental Management & ProtectionOcean Literacy and Blue Society

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