Johanne Vad | EMODnet OPEN SEA LAB

I am a marine biologist from the University of Edinburgh interested in understanding how human activities impact cold-water coral and sponge habitats.

In my research, I used a wide range of techniques including seabed image analysis, physiological experimental work, RNA sequencing data analysis and histology to determine the impact of human activities on cold-water sponges at different biological scales from the habitat to the individual. To conduct this research, I have had to develop my R as well as GIS skills considerably and my interest in data analysis, data management and coding has really grown. My motivation to participate in the Hackathon is to develop my skills further, gain a better understanding of how data are used, analysed and presented in different marine fields and to meet others interested in similar topics. Although I use R and GIS on a daily basis, I am not sure I can qualify myself as a coder but I hope I can still join the Hackathon and contribute my knowledge of deep-sea benthic biology and blue economy industry activities. Furthermore, I really enjoy working in a team to resolve problems and therefore I think I would fit in easily into a new Hackathon team.

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