Joe Turner | EMODnet OPEN SEA LAB

Marine benthic ecologist, PhD in marine spatial ecology with a focus on mapping and modelling the distributions of marine habitats / communities

Ocean Ecology Ltd is a consultancy based near Gloucester, United Kingdom. We provide a range of marine survey, consultancy, and analysis services and are focused on taking an innovative and responsive approach to our work, looking to make use of the latest methods and techniques available. We have developed into a highly skilled and passionate team and have worked with a range of organisations across the full spectrum of marine industries, including private and public sectors as well as leading research institutions. We are looking to develop these skills further in the hackathon by sending a team to learn more about the open data sources that are available to facilitate our innovative ethos. We are passionate about all marine things and are dedicated to working with those making use of and governing the marine environment. We hope to network and collaborate with like-minded individuals to address the challenges described by EMODnet to enable sustainable use and protection of the marine environment.

BiologyGISPythonRMarine Environmental Management & ProtectionMapping / ModellingFlexible, happy to potentially work on any!

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