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George Spoelstra is the Managing Director of GGSgc and EMODnet Bathymetry coach.

GGS geo consultancy BV (GGSgc) is a specialized technical consultancy firm active in the (hydrographic/oceanographic) geo-ict industry. GGSgc specialises in (web/cloud based) software development, data processing, project management, interim management and training. GGSgc builds on years of experience in the hydrographic/oceanographic and cartographic business both in government and private industry. Finding working solutions instead of caching rainbows is what drives the company meaning timely delivery and satisfied customers. Over the years, GGSgc has been particularly active in OGC compliant viewing and download services for the European EMODnet project. With the development of these services the focus has been on both the technical functions (based on GeoServer, OpenLayers, PostGIS etc) and the esthetical/cartographic sides, resulting in working but also appealing solutions that are used by hundreds of users daily. GGSgc can build on a large network of experts and organisations in the science, government and industrial sector focusing on hydrography, oceanography, oil and gas, offshore (dredging) and software development.

After completing his cartography study, George started as a Systems Coordinator responsible for information analysis, system design and development for all automated systems at the Hydrographic Service of the Royal Netherlands Navy. After 3 years in this position he continued his career at the Hydrographic Service as a Policy Officer responsible for advice and development in the field of nautical chart production, ECDIS, military cartography and geo data processing. He was the point of contact for the board for all national and international issues regarding legislation, use and production of (digital) geographic information both for civil and military applications. During that period he was member of many international committees and working groups related to the standardisation of S-57 and ECDIS. Since 2006 he was responsible for the SENS product line at ATLIS, The Netherlands. He is now managing director of GGSgc.

Using his experience in the Maritime GIS market, GGSgc offers part-time training services to the international training institute Skilltrade providing Maritime GIS classes for the IHO CAT B course.

During the start-up fase of GGSgc Mr. Spoelstra joined Esri as an International Business Development Manager for Esri’s Maritime business in the Rotterdam Esri Global regional office in 2012 and worked in an international team until June 2016. His responsibilities included business development and support for Esri’s maritime products in particular and maritime and port related industries in general. His focus area was Europe although Mr. Spoelstra also actively supported projects in Panama, Middle East and South Africa. While working for Esri he was the project leader of the Portmaps project at the Port of Rotterdam and responsible for winning the 10 million Euro project for Esri.

From 2009 to 2012, Mr. Spoelstra was the founder and chairman of the international business alliance HydroTeam. He encouraged cooperation between 4 highly specialized companies (SevenC’s, IVS3D, L-3 Nautronix and ATLIS). He streamlined common marketing and product development with the aim to provide a survey to chart solution to hydrographic customers world-wide.

From 2003 to 2006 Mr. Spoelstra worked as a Business Unit Manager for Falkplan-Andes. Falkplan Andes is the leading map maker in the Netherlands with Falk maps as its brand. Mr. Spoelstra was responsible for end to end responsibility for the Special Products Unit of Falkplan Andes

Expertises and interests

  • Nautical Cartography
  • Bathymetry
  • Hydrography
  • EMODnet Bathymetry

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