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Francesco Palermo belongs to the Operational Group of Ocean Predictions and Applications (OPA) division of CMCC Foundation where he works as developer and system administrator for the OPA HPC GNU/Linux Cluster assuring the availability of the operational services. He participates to the Copernicus Marine Environment Monitoring Service since 2015, collaborating in the design, implementation and maintenance of the infrastructure for disseminating the data of the Mediterranean Sea and then becoming the responsible for the same service for the Black Sea. Now he is in charge for the the role of Technical Expert for the CMEMS for the Black Sea and coordinates and support the activities related to the data production and delivery. He has experiences on the design, implementation and maintenance of the software infrastructures for operational oceanography even on public cloud services. He has also experiences on developing progressive and mobile web applications in the context of oceanography data visualization and
Decision Support Systems.

Expertises and interests

  • Copernicus Marine
  • Programming, sysadmin, web data visualization
  • CMEMS Data Services expert, CMEMS Technical Expert for BS-MFC

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