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Filip Waumans was originally trained as biologist, but obtained a Master after Master in informatics from Ghent University in Belgium. He is working for 10 years at the Flanders Marine Institute (VLIZ). During that period het gathered knowledge about the different data systems established by VLIZ: Eurobis, World register of Marines Species, Eurobis, Marine regions, Lifewatch… As a PHP developer, he is involved in the maintenance and development of web applications and databases related to these data systems and European projects such as EMODnet. Combining his biological skills and IT skills, he is a middle man between scientists and IT-specialists in VLIZ.

Expertises and interests

  • EMODnet Biology portal: data download tool and Emodnet biology API
  • EMODnet Central Portal Query Tool
  • OGC webservices & GIS
  • VLIZ datasystems: WoRMS, MarineRegions, Eurobis…

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