Felipe de Luca Lopes de Amorim | EMODnet OPEN SEA LAB

My name is Felipe, brazilian oceanographer, and I am a PhD student in Marine Sciences at Alfred Wegener Institute, List auf Sylt.

I want to join at the EMODnet Open Sea Lab hackathon because I am a data enthusiastic and my proposal to PhD project is to apply machine learning and big data to study and estimate primary productivity (PP)/chlorophyll concentration (chlo) at the German Bight/North Sea, using different physical, chemical and biological features to achieve the best model to represent the target (PP and chlo). I believe the use of machine learning can allow us to understand and explain better different processes in the oceans, giving us improved results to make more accurate decisions to manage and protect the marine environment. I am an Oceanographer and during my bachelor and masters I worked with data analysis, using different approaches as GIS and classical statistics, filtering, spectral analysis and image based calculations. The use of machine learning in Oceanography can be considered an innovation, and I want to make part of this. As Data Science is a field that has being growing and developing more and more, I would like to stay updated and absorb the maximum of experience and knowledge related to, reaching to improve the analysis concerning prediction, forecasting and study of physical processes in the oceans. Furthermore, Data Science can open doors to different areas, considering the amount of data being generated is increasing in an exponential way. Concerning long-term goals, I would like to be more than a Marine Data Analyst, I would like to be a Data Scientist, allowing me to advocate in favor of the environment using strong arguments, improve communication skills and expand my knowledge to other research fields. The EMODnet Open Sea Lab hackathon certainly can provide me with the knowledge necessary to reach my goals.

Physical oceanographyGISPythonROther programming languagesMarine Environmental Management & ProtectionOcean Literacy and Blue Society

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