Elle Wibisono | EMODnet OPEN SEA LAB

Indonesian fish nerd who also loves the ocean, design, and bicycles.

Issues in sustainable fisheries require an interdisciplinary approach integrating both science and design. As a PhD candidate, I'm familiar with working with big data (ie: catch abundances, GPS tracks, etc) to find trends. Hopefully, results and findings from my research can help inform fishery managers on effective management strategies. Even though formally I'm trained as a fishery scientist, I have always tinkered around with design. This hackathon is the first marine related hackathon that combines science and design that I've found. I would like to use this opportunity to hone my skills as both as a scientist and an artist to help solve marine issues.

BiologyMarketingCommunicationPolicyRSustainable Blue EconomyOcean Literacy and Blue SocietySustainable fisheriesPhotoshop, digital illustration (Procreate on Ipad)

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