Christopher Ryan | EMODnet OPEN SEA LAB

I'm a naval architect interested in maritime digitalisation and related topics. My thesis is on the topic of design optimisation tools.

I have an interest in the ocean and technology. I think that we're currently in an exciting time for the maritime industries, where a traditionally slow moving industry is finally opening up to innovation and the huge capabilities of modern technology. Learning what open data is available, seeing what other people are doing with it, developing innovative concepts, and learning new things - all in a subject area that I'm passionate about - is an unmissable opportunity for me. I also recently attended the Bluegrowth summer school run in association with Ghent Uni and would like to take this opportunity to visit Ghent again in order to keep in touch with the many interesting people I met there, and hopefully meet many more interesting people.

PolicyPythonSustainable Blue EconomyMarine Environmental Management & ProtectionOcean Literacy and Blue SocietyNaval architecture, ship design and operations.Open to anything interesting really

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