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The Open Sea Lab 2019 will address challenges in three main categories:

For each of these main categories, several challenges have been defined, which serve as inpiration for the hackathon:


Sustainable Blue Economy

How might we:

  • Use vessel data to monitor the environmental footprint of maritime traffic?
  • Stimulate novel sustainable blue tourism opportunities?
  • Develop tools to select and /or assess aquaculture sites, now and in the future?

Marine Environmental Management & Protection

How might we:

  • Develop a dynamic tool to create on-the-fly species distribution maps for important marine species?
  • Quantify the impact of our maritime activities on the seabed for better environmental management?
  • Develop tools to assess the impact of invasive species on marine ecosystems?

Ocean Literacy and Blue Society

How might we:

  • Create tools, products or services to better inform our citizens about the relationship between our activities and the marine environment?
  • Develop new ways to make digital resources, such as those available via the European Atlas of the Seas, more accessible for the broad public using mobile applications?
  • Empower citizens with tools to help them become ocean stewards and contribute to better ocean governance?


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