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Since 2009 EMODnet works diligently to develop a sustainable network of European Marine Observation and Data Management institutions. EMODnet provides a multitude of resources in the Atlantic, Arctic, and Mediterranean areas, including data, data services and data products.

The EMODnet for Global Stakeholders Pages aim to highlight the wealth of marine data resources available for specific stakeholders and users that belong to a specific community or region extending beyond Europe. The stakeholder pages follow the EMODnet for global strategy to make EMODnet efforts more visible, relevant and user-friendly for global stakeholders and data users. These pages will also highlight the importance of open and interoperable marine data management infrastructures as a prerequisite for marine knowledge efforts to reduce uncertainty about the behaviour of the sea, reduce risks operating offshore, stimulate innovation and competition, safe costs and as such support blue growth in Europe and beyond. It will also help to highlight the efforts of EMODnet on the integration of data.

By sharing these stakeholder pages, EMODnet displays a list of collaborations among European institutions that ensure data is made available openly to the private sector, public sector, research community and civil society. The Atlantic, Arctic and Mediterranean stakeholder pages put forward the observation and data resources from Horizon 2020 Projects with coverage on those areas. It is worth mentioning the participation of EMODnet partners in numerous European projects that contribute to the enhancement and optimization of harmonization, and to the integration of ocean observing data.

Within the EMODnet for Global Stakeholders pages, EMODnet Secretariat reserves space for dedicated European projects and initiatives collecting and sharing marine observations, data and products to maintain dedicated Community Pages as a service in the understanding that generated data will feed into EMODnet.

It has not escaped our notice the international efforts of many organisations providing other resources, recovering and processing data around Europe and globally, for this the EMODnet community pages have the intention as well to recognise their efforts and foster new collaborations with potential partners.

Second Edition of the EMODnet Open Sea Lab

Are you a Coder? Communicator? Data enthusiast? Or Entrepreneur? Join us at the second EMODnet Open Sea Lab hackathon and develop innovative solutions with marine open data to address blue society challenges!
04 Sep 2019 to 06 Sep 2019
Zebrastraat, Ghent, Belgium