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EMODnet Central Portal Query Tool

The EMODnet Central Portal Query Tool allows you to simultaneously access the data layers made available by the different EMODnet thematic portals, combining them in one single output. Start using the Query Tool by uploading your own geographic coordinates and then selecting the data layers you want to append to your coordinates. The system will launch a job in the background. The job will read line by line and call the services you specified. You can monitor the status of the job, find the resulting file and a job report on the ‘results’ tab. The resulting file will include the values of each of the data layers you selected.This is the first version of the Central Portal Query Tool, it is not a final product and new functionality and services will be added throughout its development.

In order to be able to monitor the status of the job, and keep your data file restricted, you are required to register to the Query Tool. The registration is only valid for this tool, however, the Central Portal will eventually share a Single Sign-On with other European data portals. Please provide us with your feedback at info@emodnet.eu. For a full description of the available web services and a step-by-step tutorial of the Query Tool, please refer to the User Guide.

1. Input coordinates

Select the proposed demofile to test the tool, or register and login to the Query Tool to upload your own coordinates.
The input files can be delimited text files (.txt or .csv), limited to 10.000 lines or excel (.xls or .xlsx).


Use demo file: View demo file
Allowed filetypes: Plain text [TXT] | Plain text [CSV] | excel [XLS] | excel [XLSX]
Maximum rows in file:60000

HeadingFirst row contains column names
Column delimiter
Decimal symbol

2. Add data to your coordinates


3. Selection Overview

Selected services
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Below you will find a list of previously executed jobs.