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First EMODnet Open Conference - Posters


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During the EMODnet Open Conference, participants displayed posters covering a broad range of activities and outputs linked to one or more of the EMODnet themes - from seabed habitat mapping to human activitie's.


The posters provided an excellent opportunity to showcase the breadth of work underpining the EMODnet portals and allowed participants to interact with others in the Conference and with the general public, as well as to get feedback on their work.


The posters were exposed at the EMODnet Conference venues (The Grote Post and Innovocean) and were presented in an informal way all day long taking advantage of the breaks for coffee, lunch as well as during the 20th October evening reception.









3rd EMODnet Technical Working Group Meeting and 9th EMODnet Steering Committee Meeting

20 Mar 2018 to 23 Mar 2018
Pollentia Club, Alcudia, Mallorca

EOOS forum

EOOS Forum: Towards a sustained and integrated European Ocean Observing System

08 Mar 2018
1 Rue Ducale, 1000 Brussels