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EMODnet Partner Jamboree

Cross-Thematic Sessions

21 October 2015 (18:00h - 20:00h), De Grote Post

Oostende (Belgium)



On the evening of 21st of October a number of cross-thematic sessions were organised at the main conference venue between 18:00 and 20:00, followed by a joint dinner.


To aim of these session was to make use of the unique opportunity of having all EMODnet thematic project partners together at the same time and location to consider a number of specific challenges and opportunities which may be of common interest to more than one thematic lot or which could benefit from the contribution of experts from more than one thematic project or field.


The Cross-thematic sessions addressed key challenges along the Marine Knowledge value chain from initial planning and collection of marine data, data storage and sharing, up to the generation of knowledge outputs and delivery to intermediate and end-users.


Short descriptions, reports and presentations are provided for information:


  1. Data Acquisition and Technology 


  2. Data sharing frictions and restrictions 


  3. The power of combining data: how to get the most out of EMODnet data products 


  4. Marine Data and Information Systems 



























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