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About the European Marine Observation and Data Network (EMODnet)

EMODnet is a network of organisations working together to observe the sea, to make marine data freely available and interoperable, to create seamless data layers across sea-basins and to distribute the data and data products through the internet. The primary aim of EMODnet is to unlock already existing but fragmented and hidden marine data and make them accessible for a wide range of users including private bodies, public authorities and researchers.


Currently, seven thematic assembly groups have been created to develop thematic web-portals covering data resources from diverse fields including: hydrography, geology, physics, chemistry, biology, physical habitats and human activities. Many of these thematic portals are already operational. In addition, six sea-basin checkpoints are established to assess the observation capacity and adequacy of marine data available at regional sea-basin level. To strengthen the coherence and functionality for users, a common ‘EMODnet Entry Portal’ provides a single entry point delivering access to data, metadata and data products held by EMODnet thematic sites (http://www.emodnet.eu). Towards 2020, partners will work towards providing a seamless, multi-resolution, digital map of the entire seabed of European waters. Providing highest resolution possible in areas that have been surveyed the map will include topography, geology, habitats and ecosystems; accompanied by timely information on physical, chemical and biological state of the overlying water column as well as oceanographic forecasts.


EMODnet receives support from the European Commission DG Maritime Affairs and Fisheries as a central component to realise its Marine Knowledge initiative and unlock the wealth of marine observations and data which is currently scattered in various national and regional databases around Europe. 









EMODnet Day - Italia

Marine data for the industry and the private sector towards sustainable development - Dati marini al servizio di industria e settore pubblico per uno sviluppo sostenibile

08 Jun 2018
Trieste (Italia)